Handcrafted with love by Jason & Sofia McClain, McClain Popcorn Company is a manufacturer of small batch artisan popcorn. Each recipe is created from scratch and tested on all of their faithful friends.


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Popcorn Flavors

We've all been there

Sodas and popcorn just go together. Whether you are watching a movie or simply wanting a snack, popcorn and soda make for a perfect combination. However, not all sodas go great with various popcorn flavors. To help you make the

The best thing about popcorn & drink pairings is that they go well with whatever event you are planning. Whether it's a couple’s night, movie night, a game night, or some fun times with friends. However, most people are yet

Valentine's Day is coming up, and you know what that means? Chocolate! But while chocolate may be the most popular way to woo your valentine, is it the only option? It can be a real problem for those who are

Our garlic pepper and rosemary popcorn offer a refreshing and zesty flavor you won't soon forget. We also incorporate basil olive oil, California lemon peel, and lemon Rosemary Sea salt. Each one of them has its own health benefits and

Our Black Truffle and Garlic artisan popcorn flavor is a show stopper if you're searching for a unique and delectable treat. It's made with fresh air-popped kernels tossed in black truffle olive oil, garlic olive oil, white pepper, and Himalayan